Welcome to Best Online Slots UK. We are a dedicated team of online slots players who are plain crazy when it comes to these addictive games. Right then, first things first, you are looking for a good online slots provider? Then read on and you will know what to look for.

What Makes A Good Online Slots Site

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In a sea of online slot sites, whether they have been running a while or are brand new, which do you choose and what do you look for? A good slot site should offer many ways to entice a new player and keep regular ones coming back.

Ease Of Joining

Many sites dazzle with colour, flashing lights and promotional offers on the first page. But once you’re happy with what the site can give you, you want to go ahead and join in a fast and easy way. Simply put, the site should offer a three step process.

  1. You enter your details
  2. You make a deposit
  3. You start playing


A site that gives you a wide choice is always a plus. Look closely at the list of games they offer; check out the number of roulette, jackpot and slot games available to you. Maybe you like card games; it’s worth checking out the range in order for you not to run out of options. A lot of sites will display them quite clearly on the front page.


Bonuses can come in a few different forms, depending on the site. There are lots of free bonuses that players can get as a prize after a win. But more recently sites offer new players a bonus as an incentive to join. Known as the Match Bonus, the site appears to be giving you free money. And it is. For example: You deposit £10 on a site that offers a 100% match and that means you have £20 to play with. Most sites will limit the amount of the bonus they give. So in the example above, if a site is offering a match bonus of 100% but the total amount of the bonus is £100 then, effectively a £200 deposit will give you just £100 extra to play; that is the amount the site has set its limit to. You can shop around for the best deals but bear in mind that after the initial deposit, bonuses will tend to go down.

Free Games

These tend to be common on most sites. To stay competitive a good slot site will offer their players an opportunity to take part in free games. Check out what these are in terms of the number of free games compared to paid ones on the site.

Secure Payments

You’re parting with your cash on line so you need guarantees that your money is safe. Many sites have a string of ways to pay so you can be assured security. For example Paypal, Visa and Mastercard generally come as standard and are recognised worldwide. Other payment methods used range from Neteller and Webmoney to Skrill and Paysafecard. This isn’t an exhaustive list so look around for options you might be more comfortable with.

Mobile Slots

Want to take part in some gaming when you’re on the go? It’s common for most online slot sites to give you that kind of flexibility. Play anywhere and at anytime simply by using the latest encryption technology. All you’d need is a special code supplied by your chosen site, otherwise just log into the site from your mobile device and you’re good to go!

Customer Support

It goes without saying that as long as something is happening online, there is always room for error. Maybe you’re facing difficulty with getting going on a game or even with your login, someone should be available to help you out and get you gaming quickly. Look for a site where the support they offer is 24/7. Most sites will give you the option to contact them in at least three different ways: via email, online chat or by phone.

Go Live

Again a very common aspect of the online gaming experience is the thrill of playing a live game, be that poker or watching your number come up on a roulette wheel.

More …

Take a good look at the graphics on your chosen site, these can vary and make a huge difference to your experience. Some sites give you the option to play a demo game before you go to the game proper, very useful if you are a new player or new to a particular game. Long time players enjoy additional bonuses with new promotions being introduced on a regular basis. Some sites are even multilingual.

Good online slot sites move with the times and constantly update. So if you experience the fun of the game and the thrill of the experience as well as having great customer support then all in all you’ve found yourself a good online slot site!

Right now, there are literally thousands of online slot sites gunning for your business. The only problem being that when it comes to what’s on offer, some outpace others by a huge margin. What’s more, there are plenty that you’d be well advised to stay away from altogether.

Which begs the obvious question – how can you ensure that the site you choose really is above board?

Well, it’s actually a pretty simple process – one that requires ticking a few important boxes before signing up. So for those on the lookout for a new slots site or simply interested in vetting their current choice, here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of things to be on the lookout for:


First of all, what do your first-impressions tell you about the site in general? Does it leap off the screen as something impressive, polished and professional, or does it look as if thrown together for pennies by amateurs? The way the site is put together and presented can tell you a lot about the brand you’re dealing with. Looks aren’t everything, but you need to make sure they’re at least professional. From depth of content to accuracy to visual elements and so on, see what your instincts tell you about the site from the word go.

Slots Available

While it’s true to say that quality matters more than quantity, it’s still in your best interests to choose a site that has a large and varied collection of slots. Not only this, but a site that’s clearly keeping up to date with the latest and greatest additions, as and when they become available. It’s generally advisable to try your hand with plenty of different slots, rather than sticking with one or two religiously. The more slots they have on offer, the higher the likelihood you’ll find one that suits your needs flawlessly.

Software Providers

You will no doubt come across plenty of online slot sites that feature slots by one software provider only. Which isn’t necessarily a problem, but it’s nonetheless beneficial to check out what’s on offer from as many of the industry’s leading names as possible. In the online slots arena, some of the best software providers to be on the lookout for include Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, IGT, Novomatic, Aristocrat, WMS, NextGen Gaming and more. The list of software providers used doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high-quality website, but it’s nonetheless one element of the total package.


The subject of bonuses is a little more complicated than most expect. These days, most online slot sites and casinos will offer some kind of welcome bonus – usually in the form of an initial deposit match bonus and free spins. You deposit £30, you get a 100% match bonus meaning an extra £30 – i.e. £60 to play with. Along with perhaps 50 free spins. The only problem being that you may be required to wager 50X the bonus amount in your own money, before being able to withdraw any of it, or its winnings. By contrast, elsewhere you may be offered a £5 bonus and 10 free spins with much lower wagering requirements. Always read the terms and conditions and remember that bonuses are optional, not mandatory.

Play for Free

It’s a debated matter to say the least, but to be frank there’s really no reason these days not to let your customers try out the slots on offer for free. Or at least, most of them, anyway. The vast majority of quality online casinos and slot sites allow free access to the slots on offer, in many cases without having to open an account. In others, you have to sign up and credit your account with cash before being able to try out what’s on offer. The latter example doesn’t necessarily confirm a lacklustre or risky website to work with, but it’s certainly not a desirable trait.

Payments In and Out

Also important is how the provider in question handles payments in both directions. First of all, you’ll need to know what payment types they accept, in order to determine whether or not they’re suitable for your needs. Secondly, you might what to look into whether or not they charge for payments in either direction. Most quality providers attach no fees or charges to most transactions, while others add flat-rate fees or commissions onto every deposit and withdrawal. It simply makes sense to find out what the story is in advance, in order to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

Mobile Compatability

It’s extremely rare these days to come across a mobile slot website that doesn’t offer its full range of games to mobile customers. That being said, exactly how well or otherwise they cater to the mobile market is something that varies enormously from one provider to the next. Likewise, some will offer dedicated mobile apps, while others will offer access to a mobile-optimised website. Android and iOS devices tend to encounter very few compatibility issues, but the same isn’t always said for Windows Phone and BlackBerry. So once again, it’s simply a case of ensuring your chosen device and access method are covered before getting started.

Account Safety and Security

As you’re dealing with both your own personal data and actual currency, there’s nothing more important than account safety and security. Most online slot sites in business these days make abundantly clear their attitudes to customer safety, taking no chances and using the highest-level encryption to watch over transactions. By contrast, others don’t have quite so impressive safety records.

Customer Support

Customer care standards from one online slots site to the next vary quite spectacularly. Some offer 24/7 support of the highest calibre, others make themselves available during limited office hours only and then there are those you’ll struggle to track down at any time of night or day. Quality of customer support is a direct reflection of how the service provider regards its customers. If they aren’t committed to outstanding customer care, they aren’t committed to their customers – hence a good reason to do business elsewhere.


Last but not least, it’s of critical importance to check out as many impartial reviews, ratings and testimonials as possible, before going ahead. By reading into the honest and accurate accounts of customers, experts and third parties with no ties to the brands in question, you can gain an in-depth idea of what to expect if you choose to go ahead. The higher they’ve scored with the public, the more likely it is you’ll be in for a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience.